Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends Will Be Friends

I didn't know a post could cause such frisson: people e-mailing me to tell me off about how on earth I dare comparing them, long-time friends, to new-found people.

I WASN'T comparing. I was simply saying that these people I met in MySpace and I have become more than just names on each other's lists, that our messages have - in most cases - moved from those nonchalant "Nice work, keep it up" to conversations involving even - also, in many cases - personal life (their history, their tastes, common passions of ours). Just that.
No way I could compare people I've known for such a short time to others who have been through storms, rough weather, hell & high water with me. No way people that I know would - literally - walk on broken glass to help me (thanks John for the illustrative image ;) ) - and I for them for that matter - could compare to others whom I've never even SEEN except on a computer screen. Maybe some day I'll meet them in person, maybe some day I'll be able to say that we, too, have been through things together and shared things that make our friendship that special - and, as unlikely as it may sound, I believe it's possible - but for now, they belong in different levels.
There are friends and there are FRIENDS. The ones from MySpace are the first group, the ones I'm talking to here (and among whom some unfortunately got piqued by my using of the word) are obviously the second, but all of them, all of YOU are in my heart.

And, believe me, I've got a pretty big one in here. ;)

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