Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas gifts

This post was going to be about Christmas gifts. Gifts I've received along this year (like the wonderful people I've met and who have become very special to me) , gifts I've received lately (music, pictures, videos - Há! Podem tirar da lista o do Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo! Carem, VALEUUUU!!!!), gifts of coincidences which have made it possible for me to get things I'd had an eye for a long time (Nokia N95 rules!!!).

But then today something dropped on me like a bomb and despite all the previous gifts, this one managed to obfuscate them all with its darkeness. Because of that, this Christmas seems gloomy and there's no lights on trees which can birghten it up. And, most of all, Christmas gifts now sound like a bad joke for me.

So, thank you to everybody and everything responsible for the first ones, I'm truly grateful, but for now I'm going to lay low and try to recover from this shock which has has in a certain way brought snow and cold to what could have been the sunniest and warmest Christmas in a long time. Christmas is here, right around the corner, but what this Lois Lane who kinda looks like Lana Lang right now (yeah, crazy, but somebody saw a recent picture of me and said that...:P, not to mention my last name WAS Lang once) needs at this moment is a Green Arrow (I wonder if angels can wear green...) to rescue her (nope, Clark wouldn't help in this case) from this Northern Pole she feels in and then take her to a ball, to dance till Christmas is over and a new day dawns over Pelotasville.

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